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Paul LauriePaul Laurie MBA, ICADC, CCCS, CCAC is the owner of Recovery Works. Since 1990 Paul has worked in all areas of the continuum of care. His passion is working with individuals and families who are experiencing substance abuse problems.

Paul has a wealth of knowledge and experience working with corporations in developing addiction and mental health programs from drug policy to full, in-house, peer driven addiction and mental health programs.




Here to help you every step of the way

At Recovery Works, we believe in the ability of every person to recover. Twenty Five years of experience has shown us that each and every human being has the capacity to heal from their substance abuse in order to experience true joy and peace in recovery.

Our trained substance abuse professionals provide assessments, counselling, out-patient treatment, corporate training, continuing education, treatment referrals, and conduct medical assessments for clients who have drivers license issues.

  • Paul Laurie has demonstrated skill, knowledge, competencies and above all compassion. He has guided countless clients from the chaos of addiction into recovery.

    Discovering Recovery

  • Paul is able to share not only the knowledge an addiction counsellor must possess but also his experiences through the Recovery Works online training program. This excellent program will meet your certification needs.

    Jeff Wilbee - Former Executive Director of the Canadian Addiction Counselling Certification Federation

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Substance Abuse Assessments

  • Drivers License Assessments
  • Independent Medical Assessments
  • Individual and Family Assessments
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Substance Abuse Counselling

  • Individual
  • Family
  • Outpatient Programs
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For Professionals & Institutions

  • Approved CEU's
  • Clinical Supervision Course
  • Work Place Seminars
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Clinical Supervision

Internet based Supervision

  • Supervision via Skype/Face Time
  • CACCF approved supervision
  • Addiction Counsellor Supervision
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Drivers License

Recovery Works has two specific programs to address Drivers’ License Medical Suspensions.

  • Medical Assessments evaluating fitness to operate a motor vehicle.
  • Ten week outpatient program to address substance abuse problems.

Recovery Works is an independent company with licensed physicians who specialize in Addiction Medicine. This license allows them to submit assessments on your behalf to the Medical Review Committee of the Ontario Ministry of Transportation.

Recovery Works is not affiliated in any way with the Ontario Ministry of Transportation.

The fee for this service is $1900 for the Medical Assessment and $1500 for the Ten week outpatient program.

Independent Medical Assessments

Recovery Works conducts Independent Medical Assessments. Typically, our client’s are mandated by an employer, union, professional organization or lawyer in order to satisfy or provide answers to some questionable behavior or actions associated or linked to alcohol or drug use.

Price varies according to time and services needed. Initial consultation is free.

Individual and Family Substance Abuse Assessments

Recovery Works provides individuals the opportunity to have an objective evaluation of their current substance use to determine if there is a problem with their use of alcohol and/or drugs. Typically our client’s are self referrals or family referrals in which a member of the family is concerned about a family members drug use and wants to help the person stop the destruction in their life.

This assessment will identify the severity of the problem, evaluate the significance of the substance in the person’s life and provide a detailed recovery plan to assist the person in resolving the problem.

The fee for this service is $500.


Individual Counselling

Recovery Works offers individual counselling for clients who want to explore changing their alcohol and drug use. At Recovery Works, we believe that recovery is possible and have dedicated our lives to helping people and families who have problems with substances.

Individual counselling is focused on the immediate problem at hand, typically the problem or situation involving alcohol and drug use and the negative impact these substances are having on your life at the present moment.

Our fee is $85 per hour.

Family Counselling

Recovery Works offers family counselling for people who are dealing with substance abuse issues within the family. Substance abuse within families is a significant problem that can destroy the family unit.

Recovery Works understands family dynamics and the emotional turmoil caused by substance abuse within the family unit. As part of the counselling, we provide family education concerning substance abuse and the healing of the family unit.

Our fee is $100 per hour.

OutPatient Program

Following the Substance Abuse Assessment, sometimes it is necessary for the client to enter into some form of treatment. At Recovery Works, we offer a non-residential treatment choice, known as The OutPatient Program.

Recovery Works has developed a ten-session outpatient program of education and addiction counselling, which is delivered over a ten week period.

The fee for this service is $950.

Educational Training

Educational Training Approved Courses

Recovery Works is pleased to offer pre-approved Continuing Education Credits for your recertification needs.  As a professional in the feild, you can obtain all of your CEU credits through Recovery Works.  

Some of our courses include, Clinical Supervision, Drug Classes and the Brain and Concurrent Disorders just to list a few.  Courses start as low as $99.

For a complete list of all our courses and CEU’s and pricing please visit www.irecoveryworks.com.

Seminars for Institutions

Recovery Works will work with your organization to customize seminars or workshops based on your specific needs. We can work with any size audience to fulfill your educational requirements. We offer half day, full day and multi-day workshops.

Pricing varies according to time and size of the seminar or workshop.

Addiction Counsellor Supervision

Recovery Works is pleased to offer addiction counsellors approved clinical supervision for their ICADC or all other certifications.

Recovery Works can offer this supervision via the internet through any number of video programs located on the web or your smart phone. We can offer this supervision during times that are convenient for yourself.

All of our supervisions hours have been approved by the Canadian Addiction Counselling Certification Federation (CACCF) to be used towards your certification requirements.

The fee is $90 per hour.


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